Welcome to By Sommerhuse
Denmark’s first digital holiday home rental agency!

Denmark’s first digital holiday home rental agency that focuses on city centers, where everything is within short reach. We’re specialized in local presence and therefore we know our holiday homes and our house owners. We’re founded in 2022, where the main focus is Løkken, Denmark. 

In Løkken you’ll find one of Denmark’s best beaches by the North Sea. The scenery is picturesques and the center of Løkken is right next to the beach. At By Sommerhuse we focus on city centers close to the beach. We always want to be near our house owners and our guests renting our holiday homes, and therefore we keep our focus on always being close to the city centers. Stay in the middle of the vibrant city life, or find peace a few steps from the center.

We strive to find the nicest holiday homes for rent that the West Coast has to offer, and we will be honest and transparent. We’re not fans of overselling anything. Whether you want to rent a holiday home or a holiday apartment in Blokhus, Løkken, Lønstrup or similar, check out our website and see our selection of holiday homes for rent.


Løkken is a great place to spend your holiday, packed with a wealth of opportunities to create wonderful memories.


Whether you are on holiday in a holiday home or a holiday apartment in Lønstrup, it is obvious to experience the charming and inspiring city life.


Blokhus is a holiday destination with many facilities, activities and sights, which makes holiday home rental very attractive in Blokhus.

Professional holiday home rental by the North Sea

We are a team of dedicated fans of the West Coast and the North Sea! We ourselves own holiday homes for rent, and that’s part of what got us started with By Sommerhuse. Besides this, we’ve worked with holiday home rental and online marketing for more than twenty years, so we have in-depth knowledge about the industry. And what better way to create a work-life balance than employ ourselves with our greatest interest? The white beaches, the beautiful dunes, the impressive sea, the happy tourists, the beautiful holiday homes for rent - and we could go on.

Among other things, we give back to the local areas from which we rent out holiday homes and apartments in Denmark. Part of our profit goes to urban renewal and initiatives that benefit the cities from which we work. In the same way, we are also physically present locally, so that you as a homeowner or guest always is able to reach us. 

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Holiday with pets

Is the dog going on holiday? Many of our cottages allow pets, so the four-legged can also be allowed to experience the beautiful areas.

Holiday apartments

Our holiday apartments are usually centrally located in the cities, so you actually have the opportunity to reach everything within walking distance.

Close to the North Sea

Do you dream of living close to the water? Check out our coastal houses and see if you fall in love with one of them.

Urban city life right next to the North Sea in Denmark

Our office in Løkken is located in an old building that used to be a warehouse for meat, butter and corn. Since then the building has also housed a disco, and now it is completely renovated with offices on the main floor, and luxurious holiday apartments for rent on the first and second floor. We renovated our office ourselves, and we’ve made sure to keep as much authenticity as possible. We’ve given the office the feel of a classical Danish beach hotel. The wallpaper is light blue and white stripes, and the wall panels the same. We simply love this combination of holiday home cozyness mixed with the vibrant city life and the recreational nature! 

If you want to rent out your holiday home in Denmark  please feel free to contact us at any time. We give back to the city and this way we help maintain and renew for the benefit of all parties involved.

We have carefully selected specific locations that allow us to keep a clear focus: “Løkken By Sommerhuse”, “Lønstrup By Sommerhuse”, “Blokhus By Sommerhuse” and so on. The CEO himself will come to both the homeowner and the guests. Denmark is a fantastic holiday country for both tourists and Danish guests, and you can not see yourself free from falling a bit in love when you enjoy a beautiful sunset over the impressive North Sea by the West Coast.