Professional holiday home rental

We are a team of dedicated fans of the West Coast and the North Sea! The white beaches, the beautiful dunes, the impressive sea, the happy tourists, the beautiful holiday homes for rent - and we could go on.

We know the areas in which we rent out holiday homes

We have been working with holiday home rental for over twenty years and in 2022 we decided to open our own agency as we ourselves believe that we have something to offer that sets us apart from other agencies. Among other things, we give back to the local areas from which we rent out holiday homes and apartments in Denmark. Part of our profit goes to urban renewal and initiatives that benefit the cities from which we work. In the same way, we are also physically present locally, so that you as a homeowner or guest always is able to reach us. 

Why By Sommerhuse / By Holidays

We are often asked the question "Why By Sommerhuse?” (By Holidays). Well, because we focus on urban city life right next to the North Sea in Denmark. The holiday homes and apartments which we rent out are always close to the center, so you can literally spend your holiday without having to start up the car. We have carefully selected specific locations that allow us to keep a clear focus: “Løkken By Sommerhuse”, “Lønstrup By Sommerhuse”, “Blokhus By Sommerhuse” and so on. Ie. you will meet a group of owners, to whom you can speak directly - the CEO himself will come to both the homeowner and the guests. And we make a virtue out of knowing our holiday homes and apartments! We don’t cover larger areas than we can keep up our level of local anchoring and retain our in-depth knowledge. And we are of course holiday home owners ourselves.

We have a preference for holiday homes and apartments!

If you stop by our office, you will see that we are incarnated fans of classic, Danish holiday homes and holiday home areas. Our office is decorated like a classic beach hotel (badehotel), and it is in this scenery that we thrive best! Denmark is a fantastic holiday country for both tourists and Danish guests, and you can not see yourself free from falling a bit in love when you enjoy a beautiful sunset over the impressive North Sea by the West Coast.

If you have become curious to know more about us, you are welcome to contact us by either email, telephone or in person. We look forward to talking to you about your options as either a homeowner or guest.

Martin Nymark

Anna Egeberg Christensen

Søren Emil Mogensen

Brian Madsen