Spend your holiday in a holiday home with your dog

Going on holiday AND bringing your dog is one of the nicest things in the world! While the suitcases are being packed, your four-legged friend often looks at you in despair. It's asking you what’s happening and whether it’ll be left behind or brought with you? And the joy in its eyes when it discovers that it’s coming along is priceless!

Lots of holiday homes where dogs are welcome

As mentioned - when it occurs to your dog that it’s actually going to join you on your vacation in the holiday home, the joy is massive. The look of despair changes character to pure joy and anticipation of what’s to come. And in Denmark there are a lot of summerhouses that welcome your four legged friend. 

Walks along the summerhouses on the Danish West Coast

It is certain that you will meet several families on holiday with their dog when you visit the cities along the west coast. You often see dogs that are not on a leash when they are happily let loose along the beaches of the North Sea - playing in the water and running in the sand. They’re running around with wagging tails, and they are usually welcome in restaurants and shops in the holiday towns. They are often greeted with water bowls and friendly pets, as everyone knows that it is the norm to bring your dog on holiday when you rent a holiday home along the west coast.

Is it expensive to bring my dog on holiday in Denmark?

No - it only costs a single, extra cleaning supplement when you bring your dog on holiday. Financially it makes close to zero difference whether you want to bring your best friend or not. You save the costs of the dog ​​pension, and get the joy of bringing your dog with you, which can’t be measured in money. You merely have to make sure that the holiday home you rent welcomes pets - just use the search functionality under "pets". Besides, it makes a difference whether there is, for example, an enclosed garden or not, as the dog must either be on a leash or can run around freely. In holiday towns there are typically lots of dogs who happily greet each other. One thing is certain - your dog will rather join you than be left alone at home.


Rent your next holiday home here - we’re looking forward to welcoming you and your four-legged friend(s).